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Satisfying food for the soul

Satisfying Food for the Soul This isn’t your ordinary soul food cookbook, but an inspirational, encouraging cookbook to motivate anyone facing adversities in their lives. This cookbook will engage families, friends and neighbors like cooking connected us back when I was growing up whether it was for a wedding or a funeral. Cooking connected people and allowed us to come together to congregate and resolve issues. Just as the stories you will find in this cookbook by these brave women. With these amazing recipes you’ll be inspired to create delectable dishes and invite family and friends over to kick back and relax while satisfying everyone’s taste buds with every bite.

Living in purpose with power 90 day journal

This journal is a guide to help you identify and enhance you in your purpose with power. You will learn how to use your adversities as your inspiration and motivation. You will learn that God doesn’t make any mistakes. That your life’s journey, whether good or bad, is for your purpose. You will discover the power you have within which was given to you by God to fulfill your purpose. You will discover your purpose. You may discover you have more than one purpose. You will master how to channel what life throws your way towards fulfilling your purpose.


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