Clients come for consultation for everything from generating more leads to scaling a business, achieving more free time or balancing family and business, and additional services cover sales training, executive leadership training, customer/client care training, motivational speaker services, recruiting and expanding their business or nonprofit internationally.



Consulting will help corporations, small businesses and organizations grow by defining their purpose and focusing on their core. As we enhance and identify the core and the most powerful and critical role of the center is to help businesses and organizations achieve leadership positions. While developing new models for your business or organization we also create opportunities to follow them properly.

We will monitor strategies of the company or organization in regards to business development, advertising and marketing. Our firm will create and implement strategies for new businesses and organizations as well as existing businesses and organizations. The goal is to transform innovation for new product development and make big ideas attainable and actionable by combining creative strategy and analytic approaches.

Our team of professionals will work together to meet the needs of our clients. Our goal is to enable our clients to reach their full purposeful powerful potential in life and business.


Organizational Development

Our organizational development team will evaluate your corporation, small business or organization on how it operates. Through our observation, research, and sessions, we will analyze the corporate culture of your corporation, small business or organization. In doing so, we’re able to determine whether the parts are working together for your mission, vision and core values.


Speaking to eMPower

As a keynote or motivational speaker, facilitator or panelist, Mya speaks on empowering, inspiring, and most important, relatable stories to transform women in owning what was inherited to them by God infinite possibilities, purpose and power.

Speaking to emPower focuses on enhancing and identifying your strengths to help you seek your true purpose. Let Mya direct you to understanding and embracing your journey as she shares her testimony. Allow Mya to activate your purpose with power so you can become purposeful with power.


Economic development consultant

Economic Development Consulting focus on the economic activities of an area. They may work to expand or diversify commercial activity, attract businesses, create jobs, or build housing.

Our Team goal is to improve the growth in a way that enhance the quality of life in the community you live and work. Our relationships and abilities to communicate with governments, businesses, nonprofits and other interested parties locally, nationally and internationally for implementation, resources needed, and performance measures to gauge success in meeting your plan goals.


urban planners

Urban Planners strive and ensure building architecture and public spaces look and function in accordance with an area’s development and design goals. They combine planning with aspects of architecture and landscape architecture. Urban planners focus on issues such as city layout, street design, and building and landscape patterns.

Our team will identify community needs and develop short- and long-term plans to create, grow, and revitalize communities. We will examine plans for proposed facilities, such as schools, small businesses etc. to ensure that these facilities will meet the needs of a changing population.